Know What to Expect

OnTrack conducts a thorough visual inspection to uncover any deficiencies that exist in the home. We're committed to ensuring you become aware of any existing or potential problems before you make the decision to buy. Since we primarily obtain our clients from select Realty specialists and client referrals; it's our goal to become your life-long first choice in home inspection, as well as that of your family, and friends.

State of the Art

We use state of the art equipment during the inspection process, to enable us to find any deficiencies that might exist, and give you a more informed report on the condition of the home. Of course, we can't see through walls or predict the future, but based on our non-technically exhaustive, but thorough investigation, you can be assured that if a problem exists, we will point it out to you. Should it be required, we will recommend Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, or HVAC Specialists or Engineers that can further research any deficiencies that we may find. Generally, these are issues that can be dealt with simply and quickly.

Before AND After

Prior to the Home Inspection process, you will receive an Inspection Agreement that outlines what will and will not be done. This is required to be signed and returned before we begin, so you know precisely what will happen during our inspection. ...After your purchase, we'll update you via email with bulletins, and reminders that advise you on maintaining your home, and provide you with maintenance schedules and methods.